Collaboration in Education

Through iearn, over 2,000,000 students and 50,000 educators are connecting in global project-based learning and virtual exchange activitieslearning with the world, not just about it. We are guided by the mission to engage

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Metaphysical and Carpediem Poem

The conditional but serves as a structural and rhetorical hinge in the poem contrasting indefinite patience and naive virtue against our march to a certain death. Metaphoric comparisons are used to objectify the

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Analysis of The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Unfortunately, Aylmer is stubborn; he keeps complaining about how awful. He's a scientist and, like the authors in the Age of Reason, believes that science can fix anything. Even today, people try to

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Wakedock is Irelands first cable wakeboard park, located in the heart of the Docklands area. An A dventurous Day in Dublin, dublin has it all for those with a love for activity
We felt safe because seeing the underclass of disposables gunned down was exactly what we expected to see. We are too easily bought off, and so long as we are willing to vote
The attitude of the Supreme Being towards the universe and all beings is Brahmacharya, and to the extent that we are able to participate in this attitude, it may be said that we